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The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos JobimWhen discovering the treasures of bossa nova, the name that always seem to pop up is that of Antonio Carlos Jobim. If it isn't on the cover, it's certainly in the personnel credits or in the list of composers.

Such music icons like Mr Jobim should likely have all of his albums in a unforgettable "hall of records". But this isn't the case. The album "The Wonderful world of Antonio Carlos Jobim" seems to have fallen in to a bad case of amnesia. The quality of the songs are as good as any of his works.. Then why?

The best explanation i can come up with is that it was released for the Warner label and not for Verve. This actually means a whole lot. When you seek compilations by the master (as 90% of the bossa/lounge crowd tends to do) they are ALL released by Verve and only contains their works. This means "The Composer of Desafinado plays" (1963) and a long list of collaborations with other musicians such as Stan Getz, João and Astrud Gilberto to name a few. This has left all the Warner works in the wind. And these are many and good. They deserve better recognition than today. The 5 albums released for Warner is:

1. The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1965)
2. Love, Strings and Jobim (1966)
3. A Certain Mr. Jobim (1967)
4. Urubu (1976)
5. Terra Brasilis (1980)

These albums is also available in the box "Original Album Series". To the music: A big difference between "The Composer of Desafinado" and "The wonderful World" is the fact Tom Jobim left Nelson Riddlethe instrumental arrangements and is singing in both English and Portuguese. The distinct strings of Claus Ogerman is switched for a more subtle Nelson Riddle version. Some critics have made points claiming Nelson for being boring and too mainstream on this album, when being a trend setter with Frank Sinatra among others. On the contrary, i claim them to be perfect! Bossa Nova to me means love. It's a lifestyle. It's seduction! When listening to the album i am struck by: love, a cool lifestyle and SEDUCTION! The perfect guitars from Tom Jobim with smooth strings mixed with flutes makes this a diamond. This is probably the most underrated and forgotten jewel in the bossa jungle. Listen if you haven't done it already. The album is available is a 2001 reissue.

Natanael Mattsson dothebossanova.info

From the original liner notes:
Previously available in the DBK boxset, now each album available separately. Originally released in 1965 by Warner Bros. Records, and arranged by Nelson Riddle. "And with this album he introduces a dozen or more uniquities. He sits at his microphones, his hair undressed, finger-combed. His right leg crossed over his left to support his guitar. The lyrics, written by Academy Award writer Ray Gilbert, are new, unfamiliar sounds for him to interpret. To one side, Brazilian drummer Dom Um Romao, imported by Jobim for this recording. Jobim's voice, audible in the studio only to the microphone. He pronounces carefully, moving his jaw precisely for each vowel. Beside him, the arranger conducts his orchestra. Riddle looking dour, an exacting artist, imperceptibly relaxes the beat. With a patience born of years of elite and taxing assignments, Riddle controls the sprawling rows of musicians before him. The room has quiet about it, the quiet that settles only when a great and respected fellow musician concentrates on his art." -- Stan Cornyn

Tom JobimMore info: Released on Elenco in Brazil 1967 as "Antonio Carlos Jobim – Antonio Carlos Jobim Com Nelson Riddle E Sua Orquestra"

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